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Cinemas, theaters, and stadiums in regions with the lowest coronavirus risk level may be allowed to experiment with hosting more guests from early next year. In principle, the government is giving the green light for experiments in the events sector, State Secretary Mona Keijzer of Economic Affairs said on Friday, ANP and NOS report.

The events industry suggested various situations to test whether events can be organized safely. The sector will work with TNO and TU Delft to collect data on the risk of contamination in various situations, from small groups inside to large groups outside. They will look at visitors’ behavior, the air quality in buildings, the use of face masks, disinfectants, and the consequences for vulnerable groups.

Keijzer agreed to allow two proposals – football matches and concerts where people sit down, and cinemas. Concerts where people can walk around and festivals won’t be allowed just yet. And experiments will only be allowed in regions that are at the lowest “vigilant” coronavirus risk level at the time.

On the government’s road map for the coronavirus crisis, the vigilant level is when the situation is well under control. There are few daily infections, people adhere to the rules, source and contact tracing is going well, and the healthcare system has breathing room.

“I am really happy with this,” Keijzer said, according to ANP. “But we have to look at the level of infections. We want to prevent things from going wrong.”

When these experiments can start is still uncertain.