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This is not your normal game of fetch—although this speedy tortoise would surely be up for one.

Rudy Janssens found the tortoise while walking around in a small Belgian forest, 30 years ago, and it has been happily sharing the yard with generations of family pets.

Rudy told GNN they named him Jaguar because “he is really fast—the hotter the weather the faster.”

One day when Rudy’s sons were playing soccer in their garden in Antwerp, Jaguar started running after the ball.

At the time, their dog—a Bouvier des Flandres—proved a worthy football opponent for Jaguar. “He could take the ball in his mouth run into the house, with Jaguar chasing him.”

These days, their dog is a Dachshund, which proves to be a fairer fight. Named Marcel, after Rudy’s late father, you can tell the pup loves playing both defense and offense, trying to keep the game going as long as possible.

Football season for the pair has ended, however, as winter is settling upon the countryside.

“Jaguar has already buried himself in the sand somewhere in our garden,” says Rudy. “In spring, he will appear again, always a happy moment: He’s back, winter is passed!”