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Rams up 17-13 on Seahawks at halftime

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said he wasn’t expecting the Bills to throw so much in last weekend’s loss, but that experience hasn’t done much to get the unit ready

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New study reveals a holistic way to look at neurons in the brain

A new lens on visual neurons is laying the groundwork for a more complete “family tree” of the mammalian brain. A team of researchers from the Allen Institute for Brain

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NS asks travelers to register train trip in advance, to manage crowds

NS is asking travelers to register online before they take the train, so that the rail company can have a clearer indication of when trains are crowded. The registration service,

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Hyundai is reportedly interested in buying Boston Dynamics from SoftBank

Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Group is reportedly discussing the idea of offloading robot maker Boston Dynamics to South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Company. While incredibly advanced and capable, the fact that

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In Remote Areas With No Internet, High-Speed Connections Come from Safe Beams of Light

A tech project has developed a way of bringing fiber optic-speed internet to the most remote and mountainous parts of India and Kenya. Their plan is to blast beams of

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