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Drew Brees questionable to return with injured ribs

Saints quarterback Drew Brees is out of Sunday’s game and the Saints announced why in the third quarter. The team said Brees injured his ribs during the first half of

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Brain metastases cause severe brain damage that can be inhibited by treatment

Researchers from the University of Seville and the University of Oxford have described how the presence of brain metastases causes acute cerebrovascular dysfunction from the early stages of the disease.

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ING dropping porn, gambling customers after Payvision acquisition

After taking over payment processor Payvision, ING immediately started dropping customers that do not fit with the bank’s risk profile, a spokesperson for the bank confirmed to ANP after reports

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AOC and Porsche Design unveil stylish 240Hz/1440p monitor

A 1440p display with a 240Hz refresh rate is the perfect companion for a meaty rig packing an RTX 30-series or upcoming Big Navi graphics card. For a monitor that

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L.A. Dodgers Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda hospitalized

Former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, a member of the Hall of Fame, has been hospitalized, the team said in a statement Sunday. Lasorda, 93, was admitted to a

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